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Something 'bout Senior High School Years

    I just can't stop to think about how beautiful time it's. I can live to learn anything while all impossibility is possible. The sickness become real, life were getting harder for now. Senior High School, you are the sweetest failure on the earth for sure. Afterwards some stories had been written under sky, I save on my heart, keep it ahead and moved on. then I called them, a memories. The adventure was waitin', ready or not they'll be part of mine. Nothing ever happens like in this place. Thank you Bontang to allowed me grown up there. Thanks Mamah & Abah to teach me how survive ahead. Thank you for all besties entrust me into your side of world then walk beside me forever and ever. As Iam, always be greatful & thankful to You, God :) We've knew tomorrow will come, time flies fast. I don't have any time to wondering how it comes. Just enjoy it whatever you get. Gonna miss those pieces of part; laugh, tears, anger, and some another-drama-queen which is teenage doing. Become a real woman is not easy like teenage's tought. Facing that time is scary but we could find its tucked happiness shown in any paths. Let's begin this war, meet me in another stories. Hello reality, please be pleasant to me :)

(Last day before final exam)

(We are family we are 3S1-2012)

(Priceless night, proms 31st VIDATARA)

“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”
Marilyn Monroe
Never let your dreams destroy you . No matter how far you stride over, always to finish what you started. Otherwise, start it what you want to finished too :) I'm glad to found you guys, 3S1-2012. Godspeed, whatever you does!


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