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Up: Love Story

Elli : "you know you don't talk very much, I like you! :)"

B'cause life is never flat

This's about how I be a first person to walk around campus stand by self. Stupid actually first I saw one of my friend which is friends from MAPAK2012 were same wardship but I just let it her go not asking her. Go inside library and took an hours just asking any students "Kalian dosen walinya pak Djanuardi bukan?" my heart was broken when heard their statement saying that none of them have same wardship like me :"(( there's nothing I could do, a couple minutes has passed. Suddenly I met Dian and I asked her then she just answer "Lala tuh wali dosennya sama kayak lo.", Lala? she is the first person I've been looked before go up and down day a long? -________- spechless, can't say anything, you're a saver Dian huaaaa kiss kiss hugs hugss!! xx Finally I got a friend, it's more lmfao moments when discuss about that silly situation. Mr. Djanuardi were our wardship from being students law in padjajaran university 'till graduation come . …